The following information is for the now completed 2010 Competition. Check back after January 1, 2011 for information about the 2011 T Tauri Young Filmmakers Competition.




T Tauri Film Festival Seeks Entries to

The 6th Annual Young Filmmakers Competition


Deadline April 1, 2010



The 6th Annual Young Filmmakers Competition is about new stars, the new stars of filmmaking. If you are a filmmaker in grades 6 through 12, we invite you to submit your film. While only a small number of films can be winners, a large percentage of entries will be screened for the public. This is your chance to put your movie exactly where it ought to be--on the big screen! There's no entry fee and the judges are teens who share your passion for movies and appreciate where you're coming from.


So finish that film and send it our way. New stars are born every day.


Competition winners receive an original "T Tauri," a hand-thrown ceramic trophy, designed and created by Mountain View Pottery. Winners who are in grades 10-12 will also receive a $1,000 scholarship to the Watkins College of Art, Design & Film in Nashville, Tennessee. The scholarships will be awarded to all of the "principals" who worked on the winning films, including the director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and screenwriter.




  • Drama

  • Comedy

  • Short Documentary (10 minutes or shorter)

  • Long Documentary (10-30 minutes)

  • Animation

  • Experimental

  • Public Service Announcement

Trophies are also awarded to the best films in the following two special categories:

  • ArkanSTAR! - Best film made by an Arkansas filmmaker

  • "The Kid with a Camera" Award - Films made without the support of a school or organization


  • Movies must be postmarked by April 1, 2010.

  • Movies must be produced by youth in grades 6 through 12.

  • Movies must have been produced in the past two years (between April 2008 and April 2010) and not previously submitted to the T Tauri Film Festival.

  • Movies must be submitted in DVD format.

  • Movies must be 30 minutes or less in length. Entrants are advised that entries over 15 minutes may not be viewed in their entirety by the judges.

  • There is no limit to the number of movies you may enter. To facilitate the judging process, each movie submitted should be on a separate DVD unless the entries are in the same category.

  • A completed and signed Entry Form should be submitted for each movie entered. All entry form information will be kept confidential. Only the names and ages of the filmmakers will appear in the program and on the website, along with the title, year, and length of the movie and the filmmaker's description.

  • Any music, images, footage, or text used in your movie must be original or, if copyrighted, the filmmaker is responsible for obtaining written permission for its use. Movies produced in an educational setting may contain copyrighted elements, provided the relevant copyrights are acknowledged in the film's credits.

  • Movies depicting violence, pornography, racism, sexism, or profanity will be eliminated from the competition.

  • The T Tauri Film Festival and Ozark Foothills FilmFest, Inc., their governing board, employees, volunteers, partners, or sponsors do not assume responsibility for any liabilities, costs, or injuries incurred in the production of your movie nor for any complaints, judgments, losses, expenses, or attorney's fees arising in connection with any and all claims based on material you are submitting to the T Tauri Film Festival.



Competition Winners will be announced by July 1, 2010. Festival Official Selections (movies that will be screened at the Festival, along with the Winners) will also be announced by July 1, 2010.




DVDs will be returned to you if a self-addressed return envelope with return postage in included with your submission. DVDs of movies that will be shown at the Festival will be kept by the T Tauri Film Festival for archival purposes and for possible inclusion in a "Best of T Tauri" touring program.




1.  Read the Entry Guidelines to confirm that you are eligible and understand the contest rules.


2.  Open and print an entry form (one for each movie or writing submission entered). Click below for the form of your choice:

Film Entry Form in .pdf format

Film Entry Form in .html format


Entry forms must be printed and typed or hand-written; they cannot be completed online.


3.  Complete and sign the appropriate form and have it signed by a parent or guardian.


4.  Send a copy of your DVD, with the completed and signed entry form, to the following address by April 1, 2010 (postmark deadline):


T Tauri Film Festival

195 Peel Road

Locust Grove, AR 72550


If you have any questions about the competition, call 870-251-1189 or email



Ozark Foothills FilmFest (C) 2010