John Pasmore, Script to Screen (2016)

This was my 4th year as instructor in the Script to Screen workshop at the T Tauri Movie Camp. My students this year were Stephen Cope, Hannah Harkey, Keylee Harris, Eric Harris, Caleb Herndon, Brad Mayfield, Addy Middleton, Mason Newingham, Hannah Terry, and Austin Wood. Each student took part in the production and had a speaking part in the movie.

My group was composed of 10 students, of which 6 were 11 years old or younger, the youngest class I’ve ever had. Even with such a young group of students, the workshop went very well and, to my surprise and delight, the movie was complete, including all editing, by the end of the camp.

Our story was a spoof of a ghost hunting TV program with a Scooby Doo type ending. Our ghost hunters were played by Hannah Harkey, Addy Middleton, Brad Mayfield, Stephen Cope, and Austin Wood. The other students had speaking parts as “witnesses” to haunting events that took place in the Stanton Theater. The premise of our movie was suggested by Addy Middleton, and each student took part in the ideas that were used in the movie. We did not script it per se, but rather went for a real reality show feel by presenting ideas and allowing the actors to use their own words. I feel this made it feel more like a real reality program. The ideas and scenes for the movie were completed on the first day, and we actually shot some b-roll that very first day.

By the second day of the camp most of the footage was shot with the exception of a few shots. All students had an opportunity to run the camera, but Brad Mayfield, Addy Middleton, and Hannah Terry were the main shooters.

After shooting a few shots on the third day, editing began. Keylee Harris, Addy Middleton, and Caleb Herndon played key roles in editing, but all students participated in the process. All of the titles were created by the students and they took turns creating them and dropping them on the timeline. This was the first time since I’ve been teaching the movie camp that the students were so involved in the editing process. Every student played a part in putting the movie together, and we all got to see the finished product before it was shown on screen.

Even though this was my youngest class, the movie camp went very smoothly, and all of the students got a very rewarding and well-rounded movie making experience.

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