A Young Videomaker Launch Pad

It's a whole new Galaxy!  Welcome to the redesigned T Tauri Galaxy, an online community, learning lab, and screening room for young videomakers and movie enthusiasts.

If you're ever moved from one city to another or even from one house to another, you'll appreciate the difficulty of moving to a whole new Galaxy! But we're here now--all the previous content has made the journey safely and new cool stuff has been added. Additional refinements, including a comment system for visitor feedback, will be added in the weeks to come.

The important thing to know about the Galaxy is that it's 100% youth produced. With the exception of some tutorial videos by our Movie Camp instructors, all of the writing and videos on the Galaxy was done by kids and teens.

The Galaxy is organized as previously. Follow the links below (and in the right hand column of every page) to travel to the Galaxy destinations:

DO - The Galaxy Learning Lab
Where you'll find tutorials and tips by T Tauri movie Camp instructors and youth videomakers and links to online resources for videomakers. You'll find free or low-cost tools, stock footage, and sounds as well as communities of sympatico souls in subjects ranging from video production and promotion to writing screenplays and movie reviews.

VIEW - The Galaxy Screening Room
View over 50 youth produced videos. Now featuring T Tauri Movie Camp Workshop vids and videos entered in the T Tauri Young Filmmaker Competition.

TALK - The Critics' Corner
Teen critics and commentators keep this corner of the Galaxy teeming with movie reviews and film and other media-related essays.

KNOW - The Bulletin Board
Listings of good stuff to know if you're in the video game, like current youth film festivals and video contests you can enter. Don't miss the new section reporting on the activities of members of the T Tauri nation.

The T Tauri Galaxy - it works much the same as the formation of the Milky Way:
"Clumps of material gathered together, and eventually created star forming regions, and within these regions stars began to form."   --GALAXY FORMATION, Fraser Cain, www.universetoday.com