About T Tauri

The T Tauri Film Festival and Movie Camp is the youth division of Ozark Foothills FilmFest, Inc., a rural educational non-profit organization dedicated to excellence and accessibility in the media arts. The central activity of our organization's youth division is an annual summer event that combines a national, peer-judged young filmmakers competition, public screenings of youth-produced films, and filmmaking workshops in a variety of areas. The annual “movie camp” is one of a very small number of youth media training programs operating in rural America.

In addition to the annual summer event, T Tauri partners with other non-profit organizations to offer fillmmaking instructional workshops for their youth constituencies. Collaborations include an academic-year documentary workshop with the Lyon College APPLE Project and a summer camp workshop for teens with family members serving in the military with Arkansas 4-H and the national initiative, Operation Military Kids.

The T Tauri Galaxy, an online learning lab and social community for young filmmakers and film enthusiasts, was created in 2008 to provide a year-round platform for media related discussion and discovery. All Galaxy content, written and filmed, is youth-produced.

“T Tauri” takes its name from the astronomer's term for a new star.

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