Young Stars in Orbit: Where in the Galaxy Are They?

Kevin Kunze

Past T Tauri Activities: Winner, 2007 T Tauri Young Filmmakers Competition, "Kid with a Camera Award"
Status: Attending the University of San Francisco
Current Project: ID

ID (trailer for the completed feature film)
Four friends are forced to spend their last days alive underground in a fallout shelter safe from the anarchy and destruction that has become everyday existence. Together they must survive and fend off their own impulses for freedom and escape. Thinking about memories of the past without a future to grab onto, they slowly start to crack.

"It's not everyday that the Red Vic on Haight Street will premiere a student-directed film, but that is exactly the reality for "Id," a film directed and written by USF (University of San Francisco) student Kevin Kunze, who claims he has been directing movies since he was seven. Kunze, who is a Media Studies major, has been writing "Id" since his freshman year at USF and can now finally bask in its completion in his senior year. The The project began as a compilation of his dreams and random thoughts and grew into his first full-length film and senior thesis. It will premiere at the Red Vic for a free screening at 4 p.m. on Nov. 19, conveniently coinciding with his twenty-first birthday." --Ilyse Liffreing, Foghorn Online (click to read the full story)
ID Website

Emma Bailin and Sarah Bailin
Past T Tauri Activities: Winners, Best Documentary, 2006 and 2007 T Tauri Young Filmmakers Competition
Status: Seniors at Little Rock Central High School; completed their 5th documentary, MEET YOU IN JERUSALEM, in April 2010

"The Bailins have been making films and documentaries since they were eleven years old and own and operate their own production company, DoubleTroublets Productions. Together they have produced 15 documentaries and short films to date, which have been screened at more than 50 film festivals around the nation, including the Los Angeles Film Festival, the CineYouth Film Festival in Chicago, the da Vinci Film Festival in Corvallis, Ore., the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in Seattle, and the Independents’ Film Festival Showcase in Tampa, Fla. Their documentaries have aired regularly on the Arkansas Educational Television Network and the Manhattan Television Network, New York." --From "Teenaged Little Rock Filmmakers Featured at Archives Month Open House," University of Arkansas Newswire (click to read the full story)
Filmmakers' Website

Tanner Smith, Matthew McMurry, Andrew McMurry
Past T Tauri Activities, Tanner Smith: 4 Year T Tauri Movie Camp student; Winner, Best Movie Review, 2009 T Tauri Young Filmmakers Competition; Winner ArkanSTAR Award, 2010 T Tauri Young Filmmakers Competition; T Tauri Galaxy Film Critic
Past T Tauri Activities, Matthew McMurry and Andrew McMurry:
Attended T Tauri Movie Camp in 2008; Winners, 2010 T Tauri Young Filmmakers Competition, "The Kid with a Camera" Award
Status: Students; their work was recently screened at a T Tauri Showcase program at the Indie Memphis Film Festival
Current Project: Tanner, Matthew, and Andrew are currently at work on a feature film (trailer coming soon!)

Andrew McMurry, Tanner Smith, Matthew McMurry
At Indie Memphis
I had learned that the Indie Memphis Film Festival was scheduling an event to show some of the films that were shown at the T Tauri Film Festival. A representative (who was a mentor at the T Tauri Movie Camp a couple years ago) sent me an e-mail, saying that she would like me to send Indie Memphis the inside look for “Second Chance,” my film which was shown at T Tauri, and also the “300 version” of T Tauri 2010 that I just did for fun—it was a collection of clips from the movies made at the T Tauri Movie Camp (with the soundtrack from the trailer of “300”). I thought, “OK, why not?” And then I found out that Indie Memphis was also going to show the film that I mentored at the Movie Camp, entitled “Exit,” as well as the two films my good friends Matthew and Andrew McMurry had screened at T Tauri.

So on October 23, my family and I went to Memphis to attend this screening. We met Matthew and Andrew, as well as Matthew’s girlfriend Bailey, and took our seats in the screening room. As the event started, we saw some very decent music videos created by students from a school in Memphis and a film made by a fifth-grader—I think it was called “Sister to Sister.”

Then, all of our films were shown and afterwards, we were all called up to answer questions that the audience had for us. I was nervous and I could tell Matthew and Andrew were too. We either wouldn’t (or “couldn’t”) answer the questions right or we were just plain stammering fools. This went on for about 20 minutes until there were no more questions.

Then, we hung out in a special dining room that was known as the “Filmmaker’s Café.” Even though I didn’t have films shown (well, “Exit” was a film, but that was a group effort to be sure), it felt really good to be in a place known as the Filmmaker’s Café…even though the Cokes were not free (oops). Matthew, Andrew, and I met with the representative that e-mailed us—her name is Nicki Newburger—and she told us that if we had any films that could use outside opinions that we could send them to her. I have to say, it feels good to have connections outside of state, especially one who represents a film festival as famous as Indie Memphis.